The board SBC Italian MK-82 was the clone of the original Ferguson bigboards I which was designed to fulfill the function of all-purpose programmable computer. Subsequent releases of additional items of US holders of the original card in the journal Microcornucopia allowed the Italian cloner for interesting and unique changes to get what in Italy was named MK-83: a card extraction identical to the MK-82 that were You have been implemented or Z80B Z80A processor operating at frequencies of the system clock at 4 or 6 MHz, a floppy disk controller to allow the management of the double-sided, double density with both drive from 8 "to 5.25" with connectors IDC 50pin and 34pin onboard, and the possibility of having an onboard memory of 256Kbyte (by 32 ICs type 4164).

They existed at least three versions of the card MK83 itself born as a variant from the card MK82 copy of the original American Ferguson Bigboard 1. Below I differences:

MK83 ver. A (former CNR-PISA):

MK83 ver. B ("paid" by Fabio di Modena) .

MK83 ver. C (only wiring diagrams):

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